Operation Homemade Snickers

When thinking about the next confectionery project to tackle, I am often overwhelmed by the possibilities. I am still such a newbie to the confectionery world that there are so many basic things that I have yet to make. Having people make requests is helpful in providing me with some direction, instead of having to agonize over the decision (and agonize, I do). Recently, my husband’s co-worker requested homemade dark chocolate Snickers bars. My husband thought that I would laugh at the request, finding it too complex and intense to handle. I, however, am not one to shy away from a culinary challenge. Many hours later, my back aches, my feet feel like they have daggers in them, I’m exhausted, and the kitchen is covered with splatters and smears of chocolate, but hey, look what I made!

Dark Chocolate "Snickers"

Freshly Coated Dark Chocolate "Snickers"

Milk Chocolate "Snickers"

Explanations of each step are to follow.


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